Around the world, the concept of mercy is as unpopular today as it has ever been. In the West, if you’ve observed the sort of outrage that happens online when people take offence at another’s words or you’ve heard of “cancel culture” you’ll know it – we are a society moving away from the place and practice of mercy and grace in public life.

And yet, a question is rising in the hearts of this generation: can we really sustain this world of judgment and intolerance? How can we relate to those with whom we disagree? And for those who follow the Way of Jesus Christ, what if our true call is to be ambassadors of grace to those who seem to be opposed to everything for which we stand?

The Old Testament Prophet Jonah was called by God to bring a message of warning to the people of Nineveh, a nation who stood opposed to the life and laws of the people of God. Knowing the power of God’s mercy and the offer of forgiveness contained in God’s warnings, Jonah ran from his mission. But God chased him down.

Join us for five weeks as we see how the mystery of God’s mercy impacted an ancient civilisation and wrestle with the call of that mercy on our lives today.

Will we run?