So you’re a young adult. Perhaps you’ve just left school, got a new job, are newly married, or you’re looking for a house to buy. It’s a time of transition, of change, and of questions. It’s a time of working out what it means to “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God”. Make it the time to learn, grow and celebrate life with other young adults at Deep Creek.

At Deep Creek we believe people matter – to God and to people like us. So we’re big on getting to know Jesus, building community with each other and taking God’s love to the world. It’s a great place to belong.

Every Sunday we meet together to worship God, experience the Bible coming alive and think about what it means to have refreshing faith in everyday life.

During the week a number of growth groups meet in homes and other places as part of walking with Jesus together. We pray, we learn, we chat, we drink tea and coffee. It’s all good, and it’s all good for you.

There’s lots of other stuff that goes on throughout the year. Social events are held regularly. If you’re looking for adventure, keep your eyes open for the occasional weekend away.