At Deep Creek we want to be a church that continually experiences the refreshing power of God working in prayer and we are committed to share this with anyone that wishes to receive it. We know that if we are going to be life-giving to the believer, surprising to the world and strengthing to the weary and doubting, that we need to be coming to God in prayer for all of that - to receive God's transformation in prayer and to be powerfully shaped by God through prayer to be part of God's amazing mission in this world. 

In our worship services, we include lots of different types of prayer: we pray together with traditional and liturgical prayers, especially from A Prayer Book for Australia, we pray with spontaneous and Spirit-led prayers, we spend time in silence for our own prayers to God, and we are led by congregation members every week at 10am to pray for current events, our mission partners and people in need. 

On the first Monday of every month, we set aside one hour to meet together and to meet with God as a church, and we invite as many as can come to be part of it! We spend time in music worship, in personal prayer and reflection on some teaching, and we pray for our community, our world and each other, often in small groups or in one to one prayer ministry. All are welcome to join us in the hall.  

Every 2nd and 4th Sundays at our 10am service we have a team available to pray for you at the conclusion of the service. Taking the step of coming for prayer at the end of the service can be daunting, but please know - it doesn’t matter how big or how small your needs are; our Father in heaven wants us to bring them all to him in prayer.

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