Easter 2019

The good news story that we hear at Easter is more than just a story. It isn’t a myth handed down from generation to generation to preserve the identity of a people, culture or language. This story is good news for all people of all languages and all cultures. It is good news that formed a people so passionate that women and men have given their lives to sharing this news ever since Jesus’ died on a cross around 2000 years ago. This news is just as good today as it was back then. Have you heard it? Have you understood it? It transforms lives! It is true. The account is full of facts that are confirmed by non-Christian historians.

This story is grounded in the truth about Jesus. But didn’t Jesus die? How can this be good news?
We are confident that his death is good news for us! We are confident that the Jesus who died on the cross was raised from the dead. Resurrected! This truth is pivotal to our faith. Hundreds of witnesses confirm this as true. But this truth is best seen in Jesus’ gathered people all around the world. Jesus is alive and active in the world that we live in. Jesus is alive and active in our church today. Why not come and find out? We believe the good news we share is good news for you! Join us this Easter.