Jesus: Worthy of it All

The pressure that we face each day to put other priorities ahead of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives is not unique to our time. The Book of Hebrews shows us that the early Christians experienced it all – and more! Society’s opposition, including physical suffering and financial deprivation, the potential disapproval of and painful exclusion by their family and friends – not to mention the pressure from the spiritual teachers who had other visions for how to live the “good life.” Sound familiar? Yet their response has so much to teach us. Before anything else, they focused on the worth of Christ – and they did it together. Want to get strengthened in your vision of Christ’s supremacy? Read Hebrews. Want to be absolutely sure that you’ve got 24/7 access to God the King? Read Hebrews. Want to know that you are forgiven and renewed no matter your past? Read Hebrews. Want to be strong and compassionate in a world of pressures? Read Hebrews – together. Join us each Sunday for the next 12 weeks as we do just that.