Becoming a People of Blessing

“The Blessing” song has stirred something across the world during the Covid19 Pandemic. You can find versions of it sung from the UK to Zimbabwe, including Australia. Aside from being beautiful music, and a wonderful show of church unity, what does it mean to be a people who seek the blessing of God for others? When we search the Scriptures we might be surprised to find that blessing is the core business of God, and when we speak and act to bless others, we are sharing in this business – we become His business partners! So get ready to join the firm, as we look at “lived out theology” including the example of the Ffald-y-Brenin and Local Houses of Prayer from Wales, as well as the story of special guest Naomi Chua in her work to bless those who are seeking asylum in our nation. You’ll be inspired to make words and acts of blessings your everyday occupation – and your life’s calling.