As a church we believe what we read in the Bible; that God works powerfully through prayer today. We want to be a church that continually experiences the power of God working in prayer and share this with anyone that wishes to receive it. We want to be a church that is powerfully shaped by God through prayer to be a light of hope to the people around.

Therefore, prayer plays an integral part in our community. As Covid-19 restrictions are begining to ease in Melbourne, we are looking forward to our Monthly Monday Prayer hour beginning again in the church auditorium on Monday 1st February.

From 31st January in our "in person" services, there are always opportunities to be prayed for after the services, in groups and at prayer meetings. Taking the step of coming for prayer at the end of the service can be daunting, but please know - it doesn’t matter how big or how small your needs are; our Father in heaven wants us to bring them all to him in prayer.

Do you want to put in a prayer request now? Fill out the form below!

Monthly Monday Prayer


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