• God so loved the world that He gave His most precious possession: His Son Jesus! As a Christian we are wired such that when we begin to give in order to help this world connect to God’s love, we begin to experience a satisfaction, empowerment, joy and fulfilment that can only come from our partnership with God’s purposes. What we also notices is that He blesses our faithfulness with more to give!

    At Deep Creek giving cheerfully, generously and sacrificially is part of our worship to our supremely generous God. One of the primary ways that we serve God is to give Him our “first fruits” (2 Cor 9:7; Prov 3:9).  While the Old Testament puts a tithe as 10%, the New Testament does not specify a particular percentage, but does reinforce the concept that greater privilege requires greater responsibility. We give in response to the reality that everything we have is from God’s good hand and in the Lord Jesus Christ, God has given us His all. Therefore the calling on each of us is to move in generosity “above and beyond”.

    Your generosity will make a difference to many lives. The ministry of Deep Creek is almost entirely dependent on the tithes and gifts from the people of our church as we partner together to see God’s Kingdom expand through us. In addition, as a community of God’s people, we are committed to Kingdom building beyond our immediate context. As part of this commitment, we direct approximately 10% of our general offering to mission activities across the world.

    Check out our 2018/2019 Good Giving Guide for more information on giving and our special appeals. If you need additional information, please contact our Treasurer, Angela Panther via the enquiry form. We greatly appreciate your financial support. Many lives are being transformed by the Holy Spirit through the ministries of Deep Creek.

    How to give?

    There are several ways to financially contribute to the work of the gospel through Deep Creek:

    1. Sunday (through the offertory): cash/cheque/credit card slip
    2. Direct Debit into the church’s ANZ Bank Account
      Account Name: St Philip’s Deep Creek Anglican Church General
      BSB Number: 013189  Account Number: 313468616
    3. Credit Card via ADF (Anglican Development Fund). This is a secure method for regular credit card giving with no associated fees. Forms available online or in the foyer.
    4. Tithe.ly: give using credit card online now using the button below or via the smartphone app (iPhone or Android).

    Click Here To Give Now

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